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On attending one of our seminars, you will gain an invaluable overview of Brexit, providing you with crucial knowledge to help you manage and mitigate the risk posed by Brexit to your business.

We have assembled a team of prominent professionals of the highest calibre who are experts within their given fields, to provide you with the best possible insights and information available.

Who will benefit from attending?

Businesses of all sizes – the information and subject matter is relevant to all sectors of UK industry.

Objectives and Outcomes

Enhance your understanding of the key fundamental aspects of Brexit that could negatively impact your business and provide you with invaluable information to mitigate the risks in the form of contingency planning.

Organizational Benefit

Gain greater understanding to be aware of the threats and risks posed by Brexit on your organization and put a plan in place to help limit and mitigate the potential negative impacts.

On attending our seminar: Brexit – Managing Uncertainty and the Impact on your Business, you will:


Be presented with a programme delivered by professionals of the highest calibre, with many having worked in and alongside UK government departments and European Union Institutions.

Be presented with information in the fundamental key areas of Brexit that could affect your business from: Brexit Process: Potential and Key Risks, Employment Law, Immigration Law, Consumer Law and Policy, Imports and Exports, WTO rules, Investments, Legislation and regulation, Recruiting and Retaining Talent, Economic Impacts and much more.

Learn how you can create an integrated programme approach to Brexit to limit the risks and take advantage of the opportunities for your business. Learn How to accelerate the analysis of the impact of Brexit on your business and create a road map for change.

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