About Brexit Business Training

Our seminars are presented by academics, industry experts and prominent people within their given field of business expertise, providing you with invaluable information regarding Brexit:

Brexit: Process, potential and key risks

What will the implications of Brexit be on the business sector?

What will a change in the competitive landscape mean for you?

The impact Brexit will have on exports

Changes that will affect business

What potential threats and opportunities should you be aware of?

Potential impact: Employment law, Immigration law, consumer law and policy

The implications of a none EU trade deal and reverting to World Trade Organization rules

Consider the potential and macro-economic economic impact on your organization

How to attract investment considering Brexit

How to export in a Brexit world

Practical implications for business in terms of regulation

How to leverage Brexit to stay ahead of the game

How to create an integrated programme approach to Brexit to limit the risks to your business

It is far wiser to be forearmed and prepared by contingency planning for unforeseen or unquantifiable events that could affect your business, rather than having to trigger a crisis management plan when or after an event takes place.

67% of businesses have no idea of how Brexit will affect them and do not understand the major technical terms linked to Brexit, such as Common External Tariff. 8% are unfamiliar with any of the technical terms that are vital for them to understand and manage Brexit.

1 in 3 Companies intend to send staff on external training courses.

40% of companies have started planning for Brexit

UK Corporate and International Companies (£10M+) are now beginning to take the threat of Brexit very seriously, recognising the need for both designated in-house teams and external requirements for consultancy and training services.

68% of companies in the (£10M to £150M) turnover bracket have designated 2 staff involved in the planning for Brexit.

UK Corporate – (£10M to £250M)

Brexit responsibility delegated to one of Finance, operations, Legal, HR.

Board room debate already occurring

Need assistance as it is not their speciality

International Companies – (£250M+)

Brexit is one of many issues debated at board level.

Plan to involve traditional consultancies and external Training.

70% of CEO’s or CFO’s have been directly tasked with the job of planning for Brexit.

Brexit Business Training are helping UK businesses prepare for Brexit and are pleased to announce our upcoming seminar:

Brexit – Managing Uncertainty and the Impact on your Business

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