Leo Ringer – Head of UK – Global Counsel – International Advisory Firm

Leo leads Global Counsel’s work in the UK from its office in London


Global Counsel is an advisory firm, working with clients to navigate the critical area between business, politics and policymaking.


Global Counsel helps companies and investors across a wide range of sectors anticipate the ways in which politics, regulation and public policymaking create both risk and opportunity – and to develop and implement strategies to meet these challenges.


Leo has spent most of the last decade advising corporates, investors and politicians on business-related public policy in the UK. He has advised two UK Secretaries of State for Business, Innovation and Skills on economic policy, and has led several policy teams at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). He has also worked at think tanks including the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).


At Global Counsel, Leo helps clients anticipate and navigate politics and policy in the UK, including Westminster, the devolved nations and the English regions. He advises a wide range of businesses and investors in sectors including financial services, FMCGs, real estate and health, drawing on technical expertise in areas such as tax policy, M&A policy and corporate governance. He also provides senior counsel to CEO-level clients on how to communicate credibly about public policy in the UK.


Leo also leads Global Counsel’s service for investors in the UK seeking to understand how politics and policy can impact specific transactions, trading strategies and portfolio allocation.